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 Zygo Head Pointer with iPad Tip, Rear Strap

Zygo Head Pointer with iPad Tip, Rear Strap

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£240.00 ex.vat
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Code: 187603
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The Zygo Head Pointer is a safer alternative to a head stick for anyone who needs to operate their keyboard.

Description of the Zygo Head Pointer

Part of a handsfree solution for using a computer, this head-worn pointer represent a significant design advancement in providing efficient pointing from a psychologically, ergonomically and cosmetically-sound perspective. Unlike forehead protrusion pointers, an "out from the chin" device allows closer proximity to the item being accessed and reduces the head movement needed to activate such a device. It also eliminates the unsightly barrier imposed by the forehead pointers because it doesn't interrupt either the wearer's field of vision or the full view of the wearer's face. Similarly, it eliminates the eventual damage to teeth caused by older-style mouth pointers.

The Rear Strap model is fully adjustable with velcro and capable of being individually fitted to head sizes from 20-25 inches in circumference. This model's yoke assembly is standard size, but the rear knob adjustment portion of the Standard model's headband has been replaced with a hook and loop strap closure. This is particularly useful when the wearer is seated against any headrest mechanism, where the standard model's knob would cause discomfort. This model also accommodates adult wearers with slightly smaller than average head sizes.

Specification of Rear Strap Zygo Head Pointer:

  • Size Temple to yoke: 8.5 in. (22 cm)
  • Pointer length: 7.5 in. (19cm)
  • iPad tip making it suitable for using with tablets
  • Weight 170gm

NEW! Option to purchase a replacement rod for the Zygo Head Pointer with an iPad accessible tip for use with iOS, Android and other tablet devices. Contact us on 020 8736 0542 for further details.

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