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 Window-Eyes Professional V7.5.4.1

Window-Eyes Professional V7.5.4.1

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£595.00 ex.vat
£714.00 inc.vat
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Probably the most stable screen reader around.

Window-Eyes is designed as an advanced yet easy to use application to add voice access to Windows. Fully compatible with the majority of software packages available, including spreadsheets and database programs. Compatible with Windows 9x platforms and XP and supporting MSAA. supplied with the Eloquence voice or you can add the DecTalk 32 voice synthesizer which will give a wide range of voices.

Features include:

  • Access to voice rate changes on the fly .
  • Access to end task dialog (CTRL,ALT,DEL).
  • Microsoft text to speech included free of charge.
  • Easy to use talking install.
  • Automatic labeling of graphics .
  • Extensive information for standard Windows controls such as tree view's and list views.
  • No need to reinstall to add a synthesiser or Braille display.
  • Optimised for quick responsive screen reader .
  • Window-Eyes will also support all video systems.
  • Braille like you have never felt including Braille 2 display support .
  • Support for all Windows platforms, Enhanced Internet support, including instantaneous web page loading and the latest breakthrough support for Macromedia Flash.
  • Full Microsoft Active Accessibility(MSAA) support .
  • Full keyboard and mouse support including pointer identification.
  • Powerful screen reading giving command prompt speech in 2000 and XP.
  • Multi user support for networks and classrooms.
    - All video systems supported.
  • Fast forward and rewind capability with read to end.
  • Audio tutorial provided on cassette tape and MP3 format.
  • User manual in Windows help text files, PDF Format and MP3 format.

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