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 USB to PS/2 x 2 Keyboard and Mouse Active Adapter

USB to PS/2 x 2 Keyboard and Mouse Active Adapter

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£10.00 ex.vat
£12.00 inc.vat
Code: 56USB-004
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Don't give up on your favourite old keyboard and mouse just because they don't appear to be compatible with your new computer.

Description of the USB to PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter

Older style keyboards and mice only came with a PS/2 connector which is not compatible with most newer laptops and desktop computers. This specialist USB to PS/2 keyboard and mouse adapter which is not normally available at local computer stores, allows you to convert both your PS/2 keyboard and mouse to USB. Can be used for adapting a keyboard, a mouse or both. These adapters have special circuitry and a chip inside unlike the cheaper models available from computer stores, which often don't work properly in this situation.

A low cost USB to PS/2 adapter for converting your PS/2 keyboard and mouse so that they can be used via a single standard USB socket.

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