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 Spark Professional (Windows Version)

Spark Professional (Windows Version)

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£299.00 ex.vat
£358.80 inc.vat
Code: 88SP-W
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Spark-Space Professional mind mapping program.

In today's business world, speed is everything. Businesses must respond to the challenges of every day with creativity and constancy, harnessing the potential and creativity of your staff and translating that into the appropriate response or action.

Ideas into action

Using Spark-Space allows the immediate electronic capture of ideas and concepts and it can translate them into written documents at the click of a button. This then allows faster decision making, significantly faster preparation, shorter meetings and increased productivity.

Spark-Space is the fastest business planning tool on the market, taking concept to document faster than ever before.

Spark-Space allows dynamic ideas to be harnessed and actioned.

Who should use Spark-Space Professional?

Every professional that has to problem solve, project manage or balance many different priorities.

What can you expect?

  • Everyone to get the big picture!
  • Increase the number of new ideas generated.
  • Increase project success rates .
  • Move projects from brainstorming and planning phases into implementation faster.
  • Reach consensus, make group decisions faster .
  • Reduce time spent preparing for meetings .
  • Understand concepts faster.

Also available in Spanish, French, German or Dutch. Versions also available for Applemac and Linux. Contact office for details on 020 8736 0542.

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