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 SmartNAV Pro 4 with The Grid Software and Mount

SmartNAV Pro 4 with The Grid Software and Mount

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£600.00 inc.vat
Code: 04SNG2
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Unable to use a conventional mouse? - then this head operated mouse may be for you.

A hands-free, head operated mouse for people who cannot use a conventional mouse.

The SmartNAV replaces your conventional mouse and lets you take control by moving your head. Originally designed for advanced game control, the SmartNAV head mouse enables users to access Windows, Office programs, and much more; all completely hands free.

SmartNAV Pro has a metal bracket to attach it firmly to a monitor, or to a tablet or laptop computer. It works with all onscreen keyboards or with The Grid program.

The SmartNAV device consists of a sophisticated infra-red camera that you place above your screen. This follows a small reflective dot so that you can move the mouse pointer by moving your head. The pointer movement can be adjusted for speed and sensitivity.

Reflective dots

To operate the SmartNAV, simply place one of the small reflective dots on your forehead or glasses and sit in front of the screen. A stylish baseball cap is also available, incorporating a reflective dot on the peak and rear.

This bundle includes the program The Grid. For further details on this program see The Grid 2

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