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 Simplyworks Wireless Keyboard including Receiver

Simplyworks Wireless Keyboard including Receiver

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£129.00 ex.vat
£154.80 inc.vat
Code: 107SWK
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A large button keyboard for use with the iPad.

The Clevy wireless keyboard for the iPad.

At last a large button Bluetooth keyboard designed for use with the iPad!

  • A wireless Bluetooth keyboard specially made for primary school children and children with a physical disabilities.
  • The font used on the keys resembles the letters which children learn to write in primary school.
  • Playful and functional use of colours.
  • Water resistant due to holes integrated in the bottom of the keyboard.
  • Switch on the bottom of the keyboard enables the use of the function keys (e.g. f+1=F1).
  • With this same switch it's also possible to switch off key repeat. When set in this mode, the respective key output will only be given once even when the key is continuously pressed.
  • Clevy's keys are much stronger than those of a regular keyboards
  • Compatible with the SimplyWorks product range.

Please note that this keyboard is available with US keyboard layout only.

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