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 MyScript Notes Studio for Mac

MyScript Notes Studio for Mac

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With MyScript Studio store, find, convert and share your notes!

Hand writing recognition meets document management.

MyScript Studio includes all the functionalities which have made MyScript Notes' reputation. This includes the high recognition accuracy rate for text, graphics and diagrams, the wide language coverage, the possibility to create a personalised writing profile, etc. Moreover, users will enjoy the easy and intuitive navigation through MyScript Studio thanks to the new contextual User Interface.

MyScript Studio will quickly become an essential tool for the effective and personalised management of your digital notes!

Document Management

Manage your handwritten notes

MyScript Studio detects and retreives incoming handwritten notes downloaded from the DigiMemo digital notepad and stores them instantly in a default folder on your PC. You can then classify your notes into virtual notebooks and binders for your personal needs. You can also sort notes by tagging and arranging them by subjects, keywords, themes etc. You can then retrieve the notes related to a specific tag by simply clicking on the tag.

Search Engine

Find the information you are looking for instantly!
You are looking for specifc information but you do not know where to find it within your notes? No worries, a search function is totally integrated in the application. No need to glance throught your notes one by one. With MyScript Studio you can make searches by simply typing keywords to find information in your handwirtten notes, without first converting them into text, saving precious time! The search results quickly display the pages which contain the information you are looking for and its location. The most pertinent results are displayed at the top of the list.

With MyScript Studio notes are not just archived but they become an active part of your everyday life!

Select, convert and edit!

Don't retype your handwritten notes any more. MyScript Notes does it for you! If needed, you can edit your digital ink before conversion in order to perfect your notes: delete information you do not need, remove unsightly corrections or add text and shapes.

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