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 Memory Quest Flex

Memory Quest Flex

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£250.00 ex.vat
£300.00 inc.vat
Code: 113MQF
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Software designed to train and improve the working memory.

Ideal for students with concentration difficulties, poor working memory, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, dyspraxia or other learning difficulties.

The software includes ten modules with eight different exercises in each. The difficulty level of the exercises adjusts automatically following the student's performance, so that the demand on the student's working memory constantly increases.
Memory Quest Flex includes auditory instructions and is at a pre-reading-and-writing level. The software is designed for students of all ages and has a varying reward system to motivate and stimulate the student during training.
Memory Quest Flex can be configured to suit different users. Daily, weekly and final results can be saved and printed.
A log Book can be printed from the CD. It gives advice about setting up the training and includes a training calendar and motivational ideas.
You can also try all the exercises without logging in and read explanatory notes on the various components of the software.
A printed book, "Working Memory Training - theory and practice", accompanies the software. This book serves as an independent source of information on working memory and working memory training. It describes the memory system in general, and then gives a more detailed description of working memory. It also describes how working memory capacity can be measured, how it is connected to school achievement and cognitive functions, and how working memory can be trained. It includes case studies, a comprehensive bibliography and useful appendices to assist with the training schedule and evaluation.

Memory Quest Flex has been developed by a team consisting of psychologists, special needs teachers, software developers, illustrators, musicians and with the help of external specialized expertise.

System requirements of Memory Quest

The program can be used with a mouse, a touch screen, a keyboard, one or two switches or a concept keyboard.
System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

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