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 MAGic Magnification with Speech CD Version

MAGic Magnification with Speech CD Version

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Screen magnifier and screen reader.

MAGic screen magnification software is an innovative low vision solution for computer users. By combining stateof-the-art magnification features with a screen reading speech option, MAGic helps people with low vision view information on their computer screen while hearing it through a built-in speech synthesizer. Use magnification and speech together or independently.
  • Magnified on-screen images combined with a speech option provide easier access to computer applications.
  • 45 magnification levels deliver magnification of from 1x to 36x original size.
  • Hear on-screen text as it is read to you with powerful, responsive, and customisable low vision speech.
  • Use screen magnification and the speech option together or independently.
  • Tailor the on-screen appearance in ways that best address your needs and preferences.

With 45 magnification levels, MAGic magnifies the contents of your computer screen up to 36 times its actual size. Powerful colour enhancement features give you a choice of many lowglare, high-contrast combinations.
Apply tinting, view the screen as two colours (monochrome), invert brightness and colours, and switch colours. These enhancements can be applied individually or in combination to precisely tailor the screen's appearance.
Use full-screen mode or see both magnified and unmagnified areas of your screen simultaneously with partial-screen magnification modes: Lens View, Overlay View, Split View, and Dynamic Lens View.

Screen Magnification

Tracking Enhancements

With the unique tracking enhancement features of MAGic, follow the movement of your mouse, your cursor, and the application focus on the screen. Change the colour of these enhancements, apply transparency effects, adjust their size, and more to make navigating screens quick and easy.

Speech Features

MAGic has the flexibility of two included text-to-speech software synthesizers: RealSpeak Solo and Eloquence. Choose the one that is right for your use. MAGic also provides a variety of speech settings that allow you to control the amount of speech you hear and the properties of the voices. Whether navigating by keyboard or mouse, you'll get quick access to information as MAGic announces application events and follows your navigation of the screen. Easily clarify words or browse a document by moving the mouse or cursor to the text you want spoken. Navigate and read by word, line, sentence, or paragraph using the built-in functions.

Additional Key Features Include:

  • Remote access via Citrix and Terminal Services (extra authorisation is required)
  • Available multi-user licence agreements
  • Specific settings created by users are automatically applied when you switch between applications
  • Full compatibility and handshaking with JAWS for Windows, the world's most popular screen reader, enables you to combine the powerful features of MAGic and JAWS to create a dynamic vision solution
  • MAGic EyeMerge, an image management feature that provides seamless integration with our ONYX multiple-view cameras, is included

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