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 Look to Learn, Eyegaze Tutorial Software

Look to Learn, Eyegaze Tutorial Software

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A program to help learn the skills of eyegaze.

Look to Learn is the first of its kind. It includes 40 activities designed for people starting out with eye gaze technology. The activities have been created to provide a fun way to improve access and choice making skills.

Each activity develops a different skill, ranging from early cause and effect through to accurate eye gaze control. The software has been created in consultation with teachers and therapists and provides the tools needed for assessment.

Most of all, Look to Learn is designed to be motivating and fun!


There are large numbers of children that are not ready or able to use The Grid 2 for communication, but can use eye gaze effectively. We sell many classroom eye gaze systems for shared use by this user group.

Look to Learn wile be the software for teaching eye gaze at this early level. The development process has included extensive of user testing and the children love the activities!


The 40 activities have been split into five key areas of learning and development:
  • Sensory Designed to teach cause and effect.
  • Explore Encourages the user to engage with the whole screen.
  • Target Helps improve accuracy of eye gaze accuracy.
  • Choose Develops choice making skills.
  • Control Fine tunes eye gaze access.

A user can work through the activities, to help them prepare for using The Grid 2.

Target Audience for Look to Learn

Look to Learn is for new users, who have not used an eye gaze system before. Many customers already using eye gaze will want to purchase Look to Learn.

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