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 Let's Go to Town

Let's Go to Town

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KEYSTAGE: 1-Adults

AGE RANGE: 5-Adults

SUBJECT: Special Needs

The first of a new series of story-based programs with a difference. Let`s Go To Town features 10 interactive scenes with linking animations to provide cohesion.

First catch the bus and we're off! Once there you can choose clothes and food at the market, buy an ice-cream or lolly in the square, post a letter and finally catch the bus home again at the bus station. Let`s Go To Town is designed to promote decision making and encourage discussion of the real-life activity at a basic level. The story and presentation has been aimed at students of all ages, principally with severe learning difficulties and/or little reading ability. Suitable for young children as well.

The large eye-catching animations are designed with the visually impaired student in mind, and fun for all of us! The limited interaction is also very useful for students learning scanning using one or two switches. Use keyboard, mouse, switch, touch monitor or Intellikeys.

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