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 Kids Keyboard Lowercase, USB

Kids Keyboard Lowercase, USB

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Our most competitive large button keyboard.

Lowercase Children's Keyboard

Specially designed for children, the colour coding on the keyboard will help young children identify consonants and vowels in an easy fun way. Helping to remove the confusion that a standard keyboard can cause, the different parts of the keyboard are by further differentiated using colour. Parts of the keyboard that are usually taken for granted but are often difficult for a young person or adult with learning difficulties to understand.

The key colours are set out as:-
  • Numbers are blue.
  • The keys that move the cursor on the page are Yellow. These are "Tab", "Space" and the "Enter" keys.
  • Green is for keys that will type a symbol on to the page .
  • All the keys that do not type on to the page are coloured Red. They could be called "Action" or "Function" keys.
  • The consonants are Orange and the Vowels are Purple .
  • USB Connector

Another aspect of the keyboard is that it has large keys so that co-ordination is not as hard.

The suggested age group for this Kid's Keyboard is 3 to 8 years.

Also available is the Children's Uppercase/Lowercase Colour Keyboard

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