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 Junior Antibacterial Multicoloured Mouse, USB

Junior Antibacterial Multicoloured Mouse, USB

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STOP Swine Flu spreading. An attractive and safe-to-use antibacterial mouse for children.

An antibacterial Mouse designed specifically for children

The Junior Antibacterial mouse is a brightly coloured attractive mouse, just right for little hands to grasp. At about half the size of a standard mouse, the Junior Mouse allows kids to learn all the functions of a grown-up model in a child-friend manner. The coloured buttons are there to help children still trying to sort out their left and right, the wheel button is also coloured so that it easily stands out. The Junior Mouse includes a special anti-bacterial coating called NANOARMOUR which kills a widespread spectrum of bacteria, virus, fungi and algae; great for schools to prevent the passing of germs. The Junior Mouse - every child starting out on the computer should have one!

NANOARMOUR is a compound of TiO2 and silver nano-particles which have an antibacterail activity. Silver nano-particles have been used on a wide range of high-end medical products and have been approved against Escherichia coli, Staphyloccocus aurous and so many more bacteria. The NANOARMOUR coating can and will kill and deactivate bacteria and wirus's with 99.9% accuracy.

  • USB interface.
  • The complete mouse is coated with an anti-bacterial coating called NANOARMOUR. Ideal to help prevent the passing of germs.
  • Midi sized, perfect for children starting out in computing (dimensions: L x W x H (mm) 94 x 54 x 32).
  • Black chassis with special brightly coloured buttons for easy learning.
  • Blue coloured scroll wheel.
  • Coloured buttons are coloured plastic, the colour is not painted on. So the colour will never wear away.
  • High resolution 800dpi optical sensor.
  • Smooth easy glide teflon feet.
  • Highly reliable button contact technology.
  • Responsive tactile feed-back buttons.
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • 1 year warranty.

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