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 IntegraMouse Plus with Magic Arm Clamp

IntegraMouse Plus with Magic Arm Clamp

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Code: 27M-IM2
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A mouth operated mouse.

The ideal aid for those needing to operate the PC by mouth. The IntegraMouse Plus is a highly sensitive mouse controlled entirely by the mouth. No software is required and typing is done either with OnScreen virtual keyboard such as The Grid or Windows On-Screen Keyboard or Dragon software for voice recognition and control (see below for more information on these products).

The unit is supplied complete with the Magic Arm mounting system.

To use, the operator simply moves the mouthpiece by applying pressure with the lips. Mouse-clicks with the left or the right mouse button are achieved by very slight sucking or blowing.

Suitable for people who would like to operate the computer but have a high level of paralysis, have both arms amputated or with progressive illnesses such as Muscular Dystrophy or Multiple Sclerosis.


  • Wireless.
  • Hands free operation.
  • Provides all the features of a standard mouse.
  • Mouth control.
  • USB connection.
  • Mac compatible.
  • Includes 'Magic Arm Clamp' to enable the IntegraMouse to be fix to a wheelchair or desk.
  • Licenced as a medical product in Europe Plug and Play.

Ideally suited for..

This mouth opertated mouse is ideally suited for people with no or little use of their hands but have good mouth and head control.

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