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 Infoscan Pen TS Elite

Infoscan Pen TS Elite

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£135.00 ex.vat
£162.00 inc.vat
Code: 18IPTSE
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A portable hand-held scanning device and dictionary.

With an easy to use touch-screen and icon-based menu.
The InfoScanTS Elite is ideal for scanning, storing, defining, hearing and transferring printed text to a PC, PDA or Smartphone. This completely mobile Pen can scan up to 20,000 lines (500 pages) of text at a time, provide word definitions and read scanned text aloud from within the Notes application.


  • PC connectivity and ability to transfer files from the pen to PC, Palm/PDA or Smartphone via Infra-red or USB.
  • Text files can be loaded onto the pen for access on the move and read-back function.
  • Scan and store up to 20,000 lines of text at a time.
  • Text fully editable in any Windows-based application, able to scan text directly into any Windows-based application.
  • Touchscreen, virtual keyboard (using included stylus).
  • Supported scanning languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish.
  • Definition/translation of scanned words from within the Notes application using the American Heritage English Dictionary.

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