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 Index Basic D V5 Embosser (Double Sided Embossing)

Index Basic D V5 Embosser (Double Sided Embossing)

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£2,450.00 ex.vat
£2940.00 inc.vat
Code: 20INDEXD
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Index Basic Braille embossers - the market leader

Understandardly so, mostly because of their reliability, high speed, easy to use, light weight, good design and many more functions you would not normally expect for the price.

Speech Guided

The Index Basic is controlled by an ink and Braille labelled front panel. Combined with the speech feedback, it is easy to install and operate by blind and sighted users alike.


Basic is one of the most reliable traditional tractor fed Braille embossers on the market. This year's model (version III) stands for higher quality and is even more reliable than previous versions. The Basic will easily cope with contentious Braille production.


Basic-D version III includes:
  • Parallel port (ECP, EPP, SPP) .
  • USB port.
  • Network port (TCP/IP).
  • Serial port (RS 232C).
  • Light diodes for status information.
  • WinBraille - free Braille editor which offeres quick and easy embossing in contracted or normal Braille in Word, Outlook, Explorer.


  • Net Size - 52 x 25 x 12cm .
  • Net Weight - 9.5kg .
  • Shipping Size - 60 x 43 x 28cm .
  • Shipping Weight - 12.3kg .
  • Noise Level - 76dB.

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