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 Five Finger Typist, Single-Handed Typing Course V2.2

Five Finger Typist, Single-Handed Typing Course V2.2

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For those who want or need to type with one hand.

A structured typing tutorial program for individuals who want to touch type effectively on a standard QWERTY keyboard with one hand whether using the right or left hand. You simply place your fingers at the home position on the keyboard and mimic the animated on-screen hand movement through a series of typing exercises. Work at your own pace by starting with simple exercises and then gradually learning more keystrokes. An animated hand graphic on the screen shows the correct hand movement as the keys are typed and Five Finger Typist keeps track of your typing accuracy so you can check your progress after each lesson.
Five Finger Typist v 2.2 for Windows has been released. In Version 2.2 an enhancement for users with low vision has been added - a very large font option with a choice of 2 very large screen fonts of 36 and 48 point.

Features of Five Finger Typist

  • Five Finger Typist has a set of structured typing lessons which first teach the home position and then progressively introduce new keys and revise keys already learnt.
  • Five Finger Typist is extremely easy to use. It's not necessary to master complex concepts to use the program.
  • Suitable for child or adult
  • Either the right, or left, hand can be chosen easily

How Five Finger Typist works

  • Opens up new communication skills - email, letters, notetaking, computer games and applications
  • Touch typing skills assist students in all levels of learning
  • Touch typing skills assist adults in communication and employment
  • An on-screen animated hand graphic shows the correct hand movement as keys are typed
  • Lessons are graded, starting with simple exercises
  • A self-paced typing program

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8 (32-bit), Vista, Windows XP, 2000, NT4 or 95+
    However, Five Finger Typist can run under 64-bit Windows 7 & 8. Although it is a 32-bit program. 64-bit Windows 7 & 8 comes with the WOW64 emulator and this can be used to run Five Finger Typist.

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