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 Dolphin Publisher v3, Commercial Version (includes SMA)

Dolphin Publisher v3, Commercial Version (includes SMA)

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£2,940.00 ex.vat
£3528.00 inc.vat
Code: 01044FS2
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Alt Format - Creating DAISY talking books couldn't be easier.

Dolphin Publisher is the premier tool for the creation of DAISY digital talking books (synchronised audio and text) that can be searched and navigated. Ideal for Alt Format specialists and anyone creating alternative formats to print, including: publishers, transcription services, colleges, employers, trainers or anyone attempting to publish information in compliance with disability acts.

Key Benefits:

  • Allows you to create a DAISY digital talking book in minutes.
  • Create talking books with fully synchronised text and audio.
  • Use human recorded audio, synthetic speech or record your own audio directly into Dolphin Publisher for use in your talking book.
  • Import html documents, copy and paste word documents or type directly into Dolphin Publisher.
  • Includes HTML editing facility for simple corrections to be made within Dolphin Publisher.
  • Includes copyright tools for publishers to protect content from unauthorised copying or playback.
  • All Dolphin Software is supplied with a 30 day money back guarantee and free lifetime support.

Dolphin Publisher is used by the professionals who want the best transcription tool in the market. It can produce a full multimedia file, mixing human audio with synthetic audio, you can also add images and synchronise these with the audio and text.

What's new in v3

New Input file formats

Dolphin Publisher is now more flexible than ever, with options to input a number of new file formats. As well as the previous DOC and HTML input formats, Dolphin Publisher now inputs:
  • Unprotected EPUB
  • DTBook XML
  • DOCX (requires Microsoft Office 2007 and later)

Output DAISY 3 as full text and audio

Dolphin Publisher v3.01 now empowers DAISY talking book producers to create DAISY talking books to the DAISY 3 as type 4 full text and audio (ANSI/NISO Z39.86) standard set by the DAISY consortium, as well as DAISY 2.02.

ID3 Tags for MP3s

Dolphin Publisher v3.01 enables DAISY talking book producers to add an ID3 tag to all MP3 files in a project. ID3 tags provide the option to add Meta data tags including track names, duration and author to their MP3 files, ready for display on the reader's player. Support for ID3 versions 1 and 2 now makes it easier for readers to export their MP3 files to iTunes, or their preferred player.

Option to use your own HTML Editor

Dolphin Publisher includes its own built-in HTML Editor to edit the contents of a DAISY book. However, some DAISY talking book producers prefer to use their own HTML Editor, and with Publisher v3.01, they can.Once changes are made in an external HTML Editor, saved and the window closed, Dolphin Publisher analyses the saved document and updates the DAISY book with the appropriate changes.

Add EasyReader Express to your DAISY talking books

Dolphin Publisher v3.01 is now directly linked to Dolphin's web-service for adding EasyReader Express to DAISY talking books.

EasyReader Express enables experienced DAISY talking book providers to "add" an Express version of EasyReader to their DAISY talking books. With EasyReader Express added, readers can instantly open the DAISY talking book in a fully accessible reader.

The option to add EasyReader Express is available to Dolphin Publisher users in the "Build Options" dialog box.

To add EasyReader Express, you must be an EasyReader Express customer and hold a valid EasyReader Express subscription.

For a free demo version, click HERE

Software Maintenance Agreement

  • Receive the next 2 major upgrades for free
  • Your SMA includes 2 major upgrades of your Dolphin software. Recent SuperNova upgrades have included exciting new innovations, as well as support for the latest operating systems: Windows 10 support, touchscreen magnification perfect for tablets and touchscreen laptops - Scan & Read, Connect & View via a camera & more.
  • Unlimited minor updates
  • Windows 10 is evolving fast and Microsoft's latest updates can't be avoided! Keep pace, with unlimited and ongoing minor updates to your Dolphin software and enjoy peace of mind.
  • Half the price of buying upgrades, & no unexpected costs
  • A Dolphin SMA for individuals includes 2 major upgrades for the price of 1, so you're maintaining the health of your pocket as well as your Dolphin software!
  • Hassle free - delivered direct to your computer
  • All your updates and upgrades are delivered to you, first and direct! Minor updates arrive via your Dolphin software and major upgrades are delivered by email. Prefer a DVD? No problem! Just request your upgrade arrives on DVD by post. As a Dolphin SMA owner you are guaranteed to receive your upgrades first and hassle free!

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