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 Dolphin Large Print Keyboard

Dolphin Large Print Keyboard

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£58.80 inc.vat
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Dolphin's new large print keyboard designed to work with the Dolphin Supernova range of software programs.

High contrast QWERTY keyboard designed especially for use with Dolphin SuperNova.

Dolphin's own Large Print QWERTY keyboard with high contrast keys. 18 easy to locate, tactile 'Quick Buttons' for easy access SuperNova features. Helps you to get started with SuperNova more quickly and means you need to remember less hotkeys. Ideal for non-typists with low vision.

The Dolphin keyboard features large print, high contrast keys that are easy to see. The Dolphin keyboard also includes 18 Quick Buttons for speedy access to your Dolphin software's most useful features. These buttons are large and of varied shapes, making them tactile and easy to locate by touch.


SuperNova specific Quick Buttons with which you can:
  • Start SuperNova directly.
  • Display the Dolphin Control Panel for access to all features.
  • Get help.
  • Adjust the screen magnification level.
  • Switch between high contrast colour schemes.
  • Adjust the speech speed and volume.
  • Access online services including news, radio, weather, walking directions and podcasts.

An ideal high contrast large print keyboard for magnification users with low vision.

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