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 Coping with Chaos

Coping with Chaos

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Emotions and behaviour for children and adults with autism.

Coping With Chaos is a story based program about emotions and behaviour, designed for children and adults with autism, behavioural difficulties and/or learning difficulties.

Sam goes to different places and you must help him cope with the things that happen to him there. First you must recognise how Sam feels, then you decide what he does about it.

Coping With Chaos is best used as a tool for discussion about emotions and appropriate behaviour, either one-to-one or with a small group. By looking after Sam and relating to him, learners will be encouraged to understand that other people have feelings just like they do. By controlling Sam's actions, learners can witness the consequences of inappropriate behaviour. Sam has his own fears and dislikes just like real people. It is hoped learners will be prompted to generalise these experiences and develop consideration for others.

Coping with Chaos has 14 different mini-stories featuring realistic animations in 3D. These take place in six familiar locations (a classroom, caf etc), providing greater situational variety. Sam might be bothered by a wasp in the park, or a loud noise might make him jump. There are also two levels of play. The simpler level is for learners only able to understand happy', sad' and angry', while the second level adds emotions like scared', bored', excited' and embarrassed'.

Coping with Chaos is best used on a large display with a group of students and used as a motivating focus for discussion in a PSHE lesson. It is suitable for readers and non-readers and all on-screen text for learners has spoken support.

Switch access options are available for learners who cannot use the mouse or a touch screen.

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