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 Cirque Glidepoint SmartCat PRO Touchpad, Black USB

Cirque Glidepoint SmartCat PRO Touchpad, Black USB

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£58.00 ex.vat
£69.60 inc.vat
Code: 87M4USB
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Problems with your hands? Then this simple standalone touchpad mouse offers many advantages.

The black USB Cirque SmartCat touchpads set the standard of comfort plus performance in computer control. With intelligent software, one-touch scroll and zoom, and distinctive sounds for each operation, the Cirque SmartCat combines all the power of a top-of-the-line mouse with the unrivalled comfort and durability of a touchpad. The Cirque SmartCat PRO adds the flexibility of programmable hotlinks. These one-touch zones can be independently programmed to:

  • Execute programs/commands.
  • Zoom reduces or enlarges Office documents.
  • Adjustable sounds, speed, sensitivity and orientation.
  • Open files.
  • Control browser functions.
  • Assign (toggle) mouse actions.
  • Control cursor modes (example Horizontal snap-to-grid).


  • Touchpad 77 x 53mm (over 50% larger than the Easycat)

Basic mouse functions are a snap with the Cirque SmartCat PRO. Access right-clicks by tapping a finger in the touchpad's upper right corner. Keep moving the cursor after you've run into the touchpad's edge thanks to the convenience of GlideExtend. Programmable software allows you to go from fast on-screen movements to pixel-point control. Quickly activate vertical/horizontal scrolling as well as magnification tools by gliding a finger along the touchpad edges. Cirque's capacitive touch technology provides complete navigation control of any graphical interface, packed in a space-saving, low-friction, durable touchpad.

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