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 By Choice

By Choice

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£58.80 inc.vat
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Switch accessible software for students: Adaptable early learning activities

  • Over 100 ready-to go activities.
  • Activities marked automatically.
  • Create and edit your own activities using the intuitive editor .
  • Easily adapted for older learners .

The ideal tool for independent learning support work, Communicate: By Choice includes over 100 activities, topics include:
  • Colour and shape.
  • Language comprehension.
  • Letter work.
  • Memory.
  • Number.
  • Science.
  • Sequencing and sorting.
  • Visual discrimination.
  • Word work.

Communicate: By Choice activities cover a wide range of basic and curriculum tasks. Everything from very simple tasks for students with severe learning difficulties, to much more demanding cognitive tasks suitable for use in mainstream primary education and for all ages in special education. Teachers can easily allocate sequences of activities for individual students or groups.

Create and edit your own activities using the simple editor

Communicate: By Choice is made up of two programs: A 'player' for students to work through the activities and an 'Editor' to edit existing activities and create new ones. The easiest way to get the most out of 'By Choice' is to edit an existing activity and replace the text and images to change the subject matter.

It takes 2 minuites to click and replace the images and text in an activity.
You'll have instant access to the extensive collection of colour and black and white Widgit Literacy Symbols. And a host of additional pictures, symbols and sounds to help bring your activities to life. You can also add your own digital photographs, clipart, sounds or music.

The editor has three levels of access:
  • Edit only - A quick and easy way to edit existing activities .
  • Create & Edit - Create simple activities with more editing freedom .
  • Expert - A fully-featured editor for those who want to create activities from scratch.

Also included are a number of example activities that demonstrate the potential of the program and give you a starting point for creating your own activities quickly.

Communicate By Choice can be purchased as stand alone program with the full Widgit Symbol set
It can be purchased as an add-on for 'Communicate: In Print 2 in colour' at a reduced price.(Contact 020 8736 0542 for details.)br>
Please contact the office on 020 8736 0542 regarding multiple licenses.

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