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 Braille Maker Pro

Braille Maker Pro

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A quick and easy Braille translator

Braille Maker for Windows provides the user with a quick and easy way to translate word processed documents into high quality grades one or two English Braille. No Braille knowledge is required and only limited computer experience is necessary to use this software to produce a high standard of Braille.


  • Works with many file formats.
  • Little or no file preparation required.
  • Braille page preview.
  • Prints to any embosser.
  • Translate and emboss without leaving your word processor .
  • Braille option available on file drop down menu in Word.
  • Support for tables, with a choice of tab or semi-colon formats.
  • NEW, now supports Mathematics Braille.
  • Support for the new Braille rules (as ratified in 2004) as well as the old rules.
  • Supports Word processor headers, footers, numbers leader dots etc.
  • Support for print page numbering from MS Word including automatic print page indicator.

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