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 ArioForm for DigiMemo

ArioForm for DigiMemo

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£120.00 ex.vat
£144.00 inc.vat
Code: 99AFW-V3
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Form filling with handwriting recognition made easy.

With ArioForm there is no more retyping of handwritten forms or notes. You will enjoy the benefits of working digitally . whilst retaining one or several paper copies for archival or legal purposes!

ArioForm is a non-disruptive solution: you do not need to change your business workflow, nor make changes to the content of your forms. You will not need to train your staff in how to use Tablet PCs or PDAs, these are expensive to buy and maintain, and that break easily.

ArioForm is a simple tool to help your workforce be more effective with their daily tasks.


  • This version of ArioForm (ArioForm) allows the recognition of tick-boxes, radio-buttons, text fields, boxed fields, free-text fields, tables and most importantly, handwriting recognition.
  • Software is a downloadable product.
  • Supports the following languages:
    • English (UK), English (US), French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean and Modern Japanese..and more!

System Requirements

  • Windows 7.
  • Windows Vista.
  • Windows XP, XP Pro.
  • Enough RAM and space on your hard drive.
  • A compatible Digital Pad (ACECAD's DIGIMEMO).

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