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 Numbershark 4

Numbershark 4

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Numbershark 4



SUBJECT: Mathematics

This structured course covering 500 topics supports the renewed DfES Framework. 45 games teach and reinforce numeracy, promoting both understanding and memorising of number facts and the standard written methods. Games include practice in different aspects of place value, ordering, grouping, commutativity, exchange and links between operations. 1500 word problems help put numbers into context. Rods, number line, scale, digits, words, abacus, number pad and 100square show numbers in many of their different formats. Mental strategies are well addressed at all levels.

The CD addresses many of the difficulties which lead students to dislike maths, including poor short-term memory, limited attention span and poor sequencing skills. Teachers can set up individual programmes of work to support Personalised Learning and records of student activities are kept. Variable options in the games meet all grades of skill and Help screens can be shown and spoken alongside games as you play them.

Numbershark 4 covers:

  • Operations of addition
  • subtraction
  • multiplication and division
  • Numbers to 7 digits
  • Negative numbers
  • Common percentages
  • Fractions and decimals
  • Worded problems
  • Maths vocabulary.

  • New features in Numbershark 4:
  • Fractions, decimals, percentages up to NC Level 4 - presented in many different formats to give greater depth of meaning and understanding
  • Units of measurement - new topics practise conversion between different decimal metric units of measurement and money denominations
  • Negative numbers - numbers to minus 10 have been introduced on a simple scale and number line
  • Partition - 2 new games use partition to solve addition and multiplication up to 3 digits

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