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 Monster 2 Keyboard HiVis - Uppercase, Black on Yellow USB with 2 Port Hub

Monster 2 Keyboard HiVis - Uppercase, Black on Yellow USB with 2 Port Hub

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£40.00 inc.vat
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Big button high contrast keyboard, the Monster keyboard is ideal for children and adults with fine motor control problems or tremors.

Large button uppercase keyboard for partially sighted users and those with special needs.

Meet the Monster2 range of oversized keyboards from Accuratus. For young children the Monster2 Mix is the perfect entry into computing, with large oversizedkeys grouped in different colours, making learning easy and fun. Then there is the High Visibility and High Contrast models with large black legends against a bright yellow background or large black lengends on a high contrast white background. The perfect combinations for those with certain visual problems. Maybe you just want a keyboards with big keys because they look cool. Whatever the reason, these tough keyboards are precise and a joy to use.


  • Large 1 inch square keys (24mm).
  • USB interface (Non hub version also works with a USB to PS/2 adapter.
  • Black case with modern gloss piano black bevelled edge.
  • Two port USB 2.0 hub in rear.
  • Same outer size footprint as a conventional keyboard.
  • Large seperate F1 to F12 function keys.
  • Designed with spill holes in the base of the keyboard so that any minor spillages can escape without damaging thekeyboard membrane.
  • Durable fold down feet proving keyboard tilt if required.
  • Tactile feedback responsive keys.
  • Capitals (Caps Lock) green status LED.
  • Dimensions: 466 x 80 x 33mm
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10

An excellent large button keyboard with lots of extra features making it the best such keyboard in the market.

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